walkLEX: Sidewalks Be Gone

Brick sidewalks in Lexington's downtown are disappearing. In their place will be concrete (bad, ugly) and rain gardens (good). A little of all three. Currently work is occuron on the north side of Main between Limestone and Broadway, with work to follow on the south side of Main and on both sides of Vine. All is to be complete by the WEG.

Oh, and the same thing is also happening on Short in front of the Security Trust Bank Building, only without the "good" of rain gardens.


Martha said…
Bricks are prettier but they (and cobblestone) suck to walk on wearing heels. So my heels (and ankles) are thankful for the change.
PJWB said…
Nate - this is the project on Vine Street.
PJWB said…
Another update on/analysis of the sidewalk project from the Lexington Streetweeper.