No Destination: Railroad in La Grange

Thirty trains travel each day down La Grange's Main Street
For those of you who read Monday's post, you were probably wondering why I didn't mention the crazy railroad that goes down Main Street in La Grange. If you looked closely at the picture, you noticed what I am talking about.

With parking on both sides of Main Street, there is no "wiggle room" when the CSX train comes barreling down at a maximum 10 mph. Nate tells the tale of a woman who frantically called her husband to tell him she had been in a car accident. Asked what happened, she told her spouse that she had run into a train. Only in La Grange.

Embedded below is a YouTube video (not mine) of a train coming down Main Street La Grange:

I can assure you that it is a very strange feeling to walk right up to a moving train.


Not only had she been hit by the train, but she had actually pulled out of her parking spot in reverse and been hit from behind by the train, dragged about 10 feet and then flipped up over a light pole and into a storefront. The train, which as you can see from the video is only going about 10 miles an hour, is still powerful enough to split the back of a minivan literally in two. The video here gives a really good perspective of what its like when the trains come through. That parking on the south side of the street is insane.