No Destination: Kentucky's Tallest Structure

WAVE-3 Tower
In Lexington, we have the Lexington Financial Center (410 ft). In Louisville, there is the AEGON Center (549 ft). These are the tallest buildings in Kentucky's largest cities.

But in Oldham County stands the state's tallest structure. The WAVE-3 broadcast tower, constructed in 1991, is the state's tallest structure standing at 1,739 feet. For some perspective, the World Trade Center was 1,727 feet. Chicago's Sears Tower (nka Willis Tower) is only 1,451 feet.

That's right. There stands a structure in Oldham County, Kentucky that is taller than even the World Trade Center.

But it gets taller. The tallest broadcast tower is in Blanchard, South Dakota (KLVY tower, 2,063 ft). The tallest building/manmade structure is the Burj Dubai at 2,717 ft. Still, if you wanna see something crazy tall - come to Oldham County.