A Third Blog

I have discussed with you before my need to write, to blog. I have blogged for many years (since 2003) on various sites I have maintained. I won't here discuss my past blogging attempts, but want to focus on my current blogging adventures. I have decided to maintain multiple blogs with each focusing on a different matter so that readers can focus on their interests. Please follow all (if you want) and comment! [Bloggers love comments!]

My blogs:
  • The Kaintuckeean - Of my current blogs, this is the 'oldest' though it only dates to the middle of last year. On it, I discuss and share photos from my sojourns and discoveries around the Commonwealth of Kentucky. A lot of history, a little anthropology and a lot of what interests me. I think that Kentucky is a wonderful, beautiful state and I try and share that here.
  • 5:9 Focus - Named after the verse in Matthew's Gospel where Jesus observes "blessed are the peacemakers."As a Christian Ecumenical, I believe in finding harmony among all Christians and in finding common ground with other faith communities. I share insights, prayers and other 'divine' thoughts here.
  • PJWB - My initials. Not to creative, but this is more of my journal. Not a 'pick my nose' journal, but a 'this is interesting' journal. As I surf the web or read books or listen to music, I might discover something that I want to share. And a Facebook status doesn't quite cut it. Plus, I might include an amazon.com link where you can buy a product and I could earn a commission. [Bloggers love making $0.02 in a day!] This also serves as my 'home page' with links to the other blogs more prominently placed.
I hope you will read, or at least explore, all of them. If not, writing helps me to think about what I enjoy. So, yes... I do all of this for myself! [Did you think this blog was about you? - Carly Simon] Let me know what you think. Subscribe to RSS feeds or email or twitter updates or however you can keep informed. I promise I'll try and make it interesting!