No Destination: Shelbyville

5th & Main, Shelbyville, KY with county courthouse in background
In 1792, Kentucky became a Commonwealth, Shelby County split from Jefferson County and Shelbyville was first settled (though it would not be incorporated until 1846). Both the county and the city are named after Kentucky's first governor, Isaac Shelby.

Civil unrest came to Shelbyville even before the Civil War began, prompting local officials to erect a blockhouse in the center of town. It stood at the intersection of what is now Fifth St. and Main St. and remained until "civil law and order were assured" in 1870. The intersection remains - with the courthouse, city fountain and memorial park - Shelbyville's civil center (which is odd, given that it is Fifth Street).

Downtown Shelbyville is built around two one-way streets (Main and Washington) running parralel to one another. Historic sites, antique shops, cafes and other businesses prosper.


Anonymous said…
Sounds like Quebec, only the Kentucky contingent actually made the split! :)