No Destination: Shelbyille Fountain

Also at the intersection of Fifth and Main in downtown Shelbyville is the Shelbyville Fountain, erected in the middle of the intersection in 1895 to celebrate the community's first public water works (Shelbyville Water & Light Co.). The statue and fountain were relocated to the southeast corner of the intersection in 1914 after the completion of the present courthouse.

The J. L. Mott Ironworks Company of New York designed and built the "Atlantis" patterned fountain. Its founder, Jordan Mott, was very creative in his designs and was successful in patenting a number of his iron works. President Buchanan offered him the position of Commissioner of Patents, but Mott refused.

The fountain was restored in 1992 in celebration of the Commonwealth's (and Shelby County's and Shelbyille's) Bicentennial.


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