No Destination: Science Hill School

Shelbyville's Science Hill School
Julia Tevis began in 1825 a college preparatory program for girls in Shelbyville. At the time, a "gentlelady's" education consisted of only reading, writing and the social graces. Tevis sought to expand the minds of young women, including in areas such as the sciences. The school was a great success when on its first day, 20 women appeared at the door. Mrs. Tevis operated the school for 55 years until it fell under the principalship of Dr. W.T. Pointer.

Dr. Pointer brought great acclaim to Science Hill as it was declared one of the nation's greatest college preparatory programs. The Lyceum Circuit regularly included Science Hill on its its itinerary, bringing distinguished speakers and educators to Shelbyville. This increased the cultural import of Shelbyville and prompted the construction of the town's opera house.

After 114 years in operation, the Great Depression caused a number of preparatory institutions to close including Science Hill.


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Sad that it closed!