No Destination: Bibb Burnley House

Ever eaten Bibb Lettuce? As is often the case, you can thank a Kentuckian for this buttery goodness. At the above house, Lt. John Bibb (War of 1812) developed the lettuce variety.

After serving in the War, Bibb returned to Logan County where he practice law and served in the state legislature as a Whig. Around 1856, he constructed this twenty-one room, Gothic-style house which was then called Gray Gables. In the garden and greenhouse behind the house he developed the lettuce variety also known as limestone lettuce sometime after 1865. Although he never commercially marketed the lettuce, it was made popular after his death by the Grenewein greenhouse in Louisville.

Construction of the Bibb-Burnley House was with materials from a cabin formerly on the site, constructed by John Instone in 1786. Instone named the street, Wapping, after a street in London, England from where he came.