walkLEX: Sister Cities

Lexington has four "sister cities." The purpose of the relationship is to have strong cultural and economic ties, but I don't think Lexington derives much benefit from these relationships. All of Lexington's sister cities are considered to be Thoroughbred breeding centers in their respective countries, so there are certainly economic relations (if not direct benefits) between Lexington and her sisters.

Lexington's first sister was Deauville, France (since 1957). Then came County Kildare, Ireland (1984) and Shizunai, Japan (1988, merging governments resulted in Shinhidaka being the sister city since 2006). Finally, Newmarket, England and Lexington became Sisters in 2003.
In the courthouse plaza, their lies a way-finding sign to Lexington's sisters. Perhaps it should be my duty to visit them...

And another sign of relationship between Lexington and Deauville - a wonderful French restaurant (le Deauville) is located only a couple blocks north of the way-finding sign on North Limestone.