walkLEX: Limestone (Mulberry) Street

Since Lexington was first laid out, many roads have changed their name. Walnut Street has become Martin Luther King Blvd. Cross Main Street is now Broadway. Winslow Street is now Euclid (though one block of Winslow Street remains, between Limestone and Upper).

My favorite is Limestone Street. Originally called Limestone Street because it was the road heading north to the Ohio River town of Limestone (now Maysville). In an attempt to create a softer and more Victorian name, Limestone Street was renamed Mulberry Street.

According to some accounts, many disliked this name as not being helpful for directional purposes. In time, the street was renamed Limestone Street. Remaining vestiges of the "Mulberry Street" era are many maps, a historic district (Mulberry Hill includes North Limestone from Salem Alley to Fifth Street) and the shop pictured above that curiously takes its name out of history.