walkLEX: Cheapside Park

Next to the old Fayette County Courthouse lies Cheapside Park. The park was expanded last year by the closure of a narrow street and the elimination of several on-street parking places. It was a great decision as many of the businesses along the park have added sidewalk dining and many downtown area brown-baggers (including yours truly) visit the park and its tables during our lunch hours.

Beginning next month, construction will begin on the Fifth-Third Pavilion, a glass and steel structure that will house the Lexington Farmer's Market (as well as other functions and events). Cheapside Park has truly become a downtown center of commerce and activity (much as it was in its early history, though it was then used for the sad purpose of trading slaves). Pictured above is how Cheapside Park appears today; pictured below are artists rendering of Cheapside Park as it will appear next summer.


Anonymous said…
I didn't realize that was in the works. Interesting!
Construction begins next month and it should be complete in April of 2010 (in time for next year's farmer's market!)