Red River Gorge

I know I'm only supposed to do the Kentucky 120 posts, but last weekend my wife and I hiked the Auxier Ridge up to Courthouse Rock in the Red River Gorge. For those local Kentuckians who may have never been to the Gorge, you really should get up there. The hiking is especially good this time of year, with the cooler temperatures and the leaves changing color.
According to the site, the park contains more than 80 natural arches, many endangered or threatened species and rock shelters that the Native Americans and Daniel Boone used for shelter. It's really a beautiful place that is shockingly close to Lexington and easily accessible.


Anonymous said…
Great picture, Nate!
Courthouse rock? Sounds like you made it work! What county was this in?

Great picture; unfortunately, I am one of those who has never been to the gorge.

Need to go! Soon!