No Destination: Mount Olivet

Robertson County is Kentucky's smallest county by population (2000 census: 2,266 people). Geographically, it is also quite small (100 square miles). As of the same census, the county seat (Mount Olivet) had 289 residents. Needless to say, this is smalltown USA.

Mount Olivet was founded in 1820 and was named after the Mount of Olives in Israel. The town consists of a crossroads, a church (probably more, but I only encountered one), a golf driving range and government offices.

I will leave the description of the courthouse up to Nate. The new judicial center is complete and it was constructed adjacent to the old courthouse. Together, it is quite a large structure. A Mount Olivet resident living across the street from the courthouse remarked that "it is four-times the courthouse we need." The old courthouse seems to have been gutted so that a modernized courthouse can sit inside the historic building.

The office of the mayor, city clerk and police appears to be a remodeledd two-bedroom house. It screams smalltown. I especially loved the identifying sign, pictured above.

Golf driving range? Yes. Goddard's Driving Range will not be found on any listing of golf courses or driving ranges: the two tees direct into the back yards (downhill) of who I assume would be the Goddard's. A note tells you the distances of the three holes, where to put your $5 and where you can find a bucket of balls (in a nearby shed). I loved it. If only I had brought my clubs...