No Destination: First Presbyterian Church of Mount Sterling

Traveling Kentucky's counties in the fall is a risky proposition. You never know when you might run into a county's fall festival. This was the case yesterday: Court Days in Mount Sterling.

All on-street parking was closed and I pulled into the lot of the Presbyterian Church (pictured above). The man said that I could not park there without paying, even if it were only for a few minutes. Note: he had no customers. Instead, I turned around and parked in a lot around the corner. The woman in that lot said that I could park there momentarily with no trouble and she pointed me toward the Courthouse.

I walked around Mount Sterling and returned to snap a few pictures of the Presbyterian Church. The man from earlier apologized; I told him it was not a problem and that a kind woman around the corner had allowed me to park gratis. I joked with him that he had "married up," as it was his wife managing the lot around the corner.

The wife also told me about the Presbyterian Church. Next door to the church is the "Presbyterian Post," (pictured below) which functions as additional space for the church, a community center and a community medical clinic. The Post is the old Post Office - likely constructed around 1910 and purchased by First Pres in 1991.