No Destination: Dover

Founded in 1818 and incorporated in 1856, the Mason County community of Dover lies just north of the AA-highway and on the Ohio River.

Here is a description, c. 1860: "The village contains several churches, large steam flouring and saw mills, some twelve or fifteen stores and tobacco warehouses, and an equal number of mechanical trades. Population about 900."

In 1963, "A beautiful town, located on a fertile plateau with a population of just over 700. It has a general store, schools, a fine youth centre, seven churches, a City Marshall, or policeman; a Police Judge and 24 volunteer firemen. The city is also excited as the mighty duPont has acquired 1,000 acres of land for industrial development."

Then, April 23, 1968. A tornado destroyed 115 of the town's 127 homes. Only three churches were rebuilt. All students were sent to Maysville for school and the city no longer offers city services. And duPont never built its factory. Despite the 328 residents (est. 2008), Dover remains a ghost town.