Wolfe County Courthouse - Campton, Ky.

This was the first time on this trip when I've been a little creeped out. On the way down the highway towards Campton, there was this KSP officer who swung his car out behind me as if to pull me over. I got that feeling everyone knows in my stomach, because I really really thought I was getting pulled over. Then he flew by me, and then about a mile up the road pulled another huge U-turn and went back the other way.
Then as I came into Campton, (which was a ghost town by the way) the creepiness factor went through the roof. When I pulled up to the courthouse, what I believe to be the SAME COP pulled into the courthouse square. The courthouse square was completely empty except me and this cop. He walked into the courthouse after giving me a stare and that was it. I snapped my picture and got out of there.
It was an interesting courthouse, but in desperate need of some TLC. Paint was chipping all over the place. Interestingly, this area of Kentucky was mentioned in John Swift's journals as containing huge silver mines. However, no trace of these reputed silver mines have ever been found. Also, Wolfe County was named after Nathaniel Wolfe, who was allegedly the first graduate of the University of Virginia.