Perry County Courthouse - Hazard, Ky.

Perry County was one of two places I visited today where the new judicial center is MUCH more attractive than the old courthouse. Here, the judicial center is on the left, and the courthouse on the right. I put in an extra picture of the judicial center, just so you get an idea how cool it looks

There's a fountain in there next to the benches, and the judicial center really fits in and enhances the downtown area.
Hazard was founded by Elijah Combs, who came here along with his seven brothers in 1790. Interestingly, Hazard and Perry County are named after the same person - Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry.
On my way out of town, I stopped in a drug store parking lot on the bypass and took the picture at the bottom of this post.


Martha said…
The new courthouse does look great!

I'm a little homesick right now... just a little though.
Les said…
If you had ANY idea of how poorly the interior is laid out, though...