No Destination: Brodhead

Entering into the mountain region is simply breathtaking. Throughout the rest of the days' drive, the scenery was beautiful.

The Rockcastle County community of Brodhead is the home of the Little World's Fair. The Fair has been an annual event for over 100 years and is now a weeklong fundraiser for the Brodhead Volunteer Fire Department. A curve in the road, Brodhead is at the headwaters of the Dix River. Originally named Stigalls Station, the town was renamed in the late 1860s when it became a stop on the L&N Railroad.

I tend to do a little 'Googling' when posting about my travels, and I was surprised to find the following tidbit from Brodhead's past: "Aug 10, 1993 - In Brodhead, Ky., a man who sat in a lawn chair guarding his marijuana field with an assault rifle was shot to death by police after a daylong standoff." [And unlike Nate earlier this week in Campton, I felt perfectly comfortable in Brodhead.]


Martha said…
I disagree with your characterization that this area is entering the mountain region. I realize that's how most people would characterize it, but to those of us from the Mountain Region this is still Central Kentucky.
I can see mountains. Technically it is part of Kentucky's Knobs region.