Letcher County Courthouse - Whitesburg, Ky.

Whitesburg and Letcher County hold a special place in my heart, because this is where my wife and her family are from. We travel through the mountains a couple of times each year and visit the 'Burg, as I like to call it, and it is a uniquely charming place. From the amazing "Speak Your Piece" section of the newspaper (where anyone can write in and say ANYTHING - offensive, libelous, you name it), to the annual Mountain Heritage Festival, Whitesburg is an interesting little place. This weekend was the Mountain Heritage Festival, which was a little dampened by the constant rain showers. But, I got to listen to some country music and eat a deep fried miniature pecan pie, so all was right with the world. I also picked up some fresh peach butter and snapped this picture of Letcher's courthouse. In celebration of Mountain Heritage, the windows up and down Main Street were filled with old pictures of the prominent mountain families, and some pretty amazing pictures of the courthouse that used to stand in this spot. My father in law tells me that this current courthouse is much better than the "purple courthouse" that was there before renovations. Apparently the windows were supposed to be blue, but in the sun, they turned purple.