Scott County Courthouse - Georgetown, Ky.

I was feeling a little sleepy today, so my trip to Georgetown was my only stop. This was not the first time I've seen the Scott County Courthouse, and its still pretty amazing. I like how much the courthouse is clearly built to be viewed from the front. With the statute of justice and the way in which the tower is pushed towards the front makes it pretty unique, I think. According to Wikipedia, this is the fourth courthouse on this spot, the land for which was first donated by Elijah Craig. The style is apparently "Second Empire" - named after the Second French Empire, most notable for the mansard roof style that is so apparent here on the courthouse up by lady justice. The total cost of this beautiful building back in 1877? - $34,600,


Elijah Craig. Baptist preacher. Founder of Georgetown College. Considered the "Father of Bourbon."

Now this. Shouldn't he be one of our most revered leaders? C'mon - the Father of Bourbon?