Montgomery County Courthouse - Mt. Sterling, Ky.

Mt. Sterling is a beautiful town, but I have to admit I was a little disappointed by the courthouse. It's pretty much a new building, and if I didn't know any better it could have been a bank. The area surrounding the courthouse, though, is particularly cool. It's surrounded by brick streets and painstakingly restored buildings. Yet again, another cool town I can imagine being very cool to live in.
Like the Bath County Courthouse, the Montgomery County Courthouse was burned in the Civil War. According to the historical markers, Confederate Cavalry burned the courthouse on Dec. 2, 1863 in order to prevent its use as a Union garrison.

* EXTRA PIC FOR PETER - above is the aforementioned really awesome brick streets and restored buildings that surround the courthouse.


I have a feeling you'll be disappointed in a number of courthouses - I wonder how many have been torn down in the past several years under the state's new courthouse project?