No Destination - June 5, 2009

Starting out in Nicholasville, we journeyed through Jessamine, Madison, Garrard, Mercer and Boyle counties. Here are some pictures from yesterday's journey:

As always, there is a lot to learn in central Kentucky.
  • Tates Creek Road in Lexington is the border - for several miles - between Jessamine and Fayette counties.
  • The Valley View Ferry has a "perpetual and irrevocable" franchise issued by the Commonwealth of Virginia in 1785 (that's why the Virginia flag also flies on the ferry). It has not since ceased operation. It has been operated by Madison, Fayette and Jessamine counties since 1991.
  • "C6, H0" remains visible in Danville to remember when Centre College's football team (in an undefeated season) beat Harvard, 6-0. It is the only graffiti that the Centre trustees permit on campus.
  • What do they do with the dead? After the October 1862 Battle of Perryville, the Confederate forces quickly fled the area and a mass grave was constructed for the deceased rebel soldiers.