Bicentennial Post

This is it... our 200th post! Celebrate! During the past 200 posts, we've explored many of Kentucky's sites, its courthouses and its storied past. I'm looking forward to exploring more of Kentucky.

I remember shortly after moving to Kentucky, the Commonwealth celebrated her bicentennial. It is hard to believe that this was nearly 18 years ago! Last year, we celebrated the bicentennial of the birth of Kentucky's favorite son, Abraham Lincoln. While this blog certainly doesn't match up to those celebrations - we are pretty excited.

To celebrate, I've decided to update the map again. Not the most exciting thing in the world, but it is fun to see where we've been:

A couple facts to glean from the map:

  • Nate's Kentucky 120 Project still leads the county-count; he's been to 41 of Kentucky's 120 counties. That's 34%! There are 49 posts tagged as "Kentucky120"
  • I've been on No Destination in 31.7%, or 38, of Kentucky's counties. I've tagged "NoDestination" on 115 posts.
  • There are 25 counties that we've both been to, so Nate has 16 unique counties and I have 13.
  • And don't forget about Lexington - there are 25 posts tagged "walkLEX."
  • We have 243 Facebook fans. Since our first post on 5/27/09, there have been 4.625 page views through 2,693 visits. Visitors hail from 48 countries and 45 of the 50 states+DC.
  • No one from Vermont, Montana, Wyoming, North Dakota, Nebraska or Iowa has ever visited this blog. Hopefully, by mentioning these states we might get a visitor
  • Most of our visitors come from Kentucky. But people from Ohio, Tennessee, Florida, Virginia and California also frequent our site.
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